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23 April 2008 @ 03:57 pm
WHO; Anyone and Everyone~
WHERE; The Host Club
WHEN; Day...31? Backdated, I guess?
WHAT; Uh...Ellen probably having a little talk with Nekozawa, and Hunny introducing Ellen to the rest of Host Club.

Ellen was excited, if anything else.

She was finally going to meet the rest of the Host Club. It took a rather long time, (although, she has been busy lately, what with the curse and such) but her plan may finally be put to action. She should still be rather cautious, though. It was still somewhat too early to start out and the curse...

Why was she taking the curse into account? Curses do not exist. That stair incident meant nothing, just a clumsy fall on her part. The only bad part of the incident was when her mother came flying down the stairs, ready to perform surgery. Which, rather thankfully, Ellen convinced her not to do.

Ellen hears Hunny's cheery voice and looks at the large doors.

Ah, they've reached their destination.
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10 April 2008 @ 03:16 am
WHO; Anita, and anyone else!
WHERE; The courtyard
WHEN; Day 33
WHAT; Studying... sorta / More random conversation-ing?

It had been only two days since her encounter with the seniors and Rain in the hallway, but Anita had since ceased her investigative method of following the other girls to the Host Club. However, that did not mean she planned to give up on the investigation entirely. She just decided to take a different approach for the time being. Rather than follow giggling girls to the club, she picked up a book on hosting at the library and had been studying it after her classes. What she hoped to gain from this.... well, honestly she wasn't sure, but it was better than nothing. Plus, one never knows when they could randomly stumble upon some useful information! ...Despite how useless all of the information in the book seemed.

So, there she sat out in the courtyard to read. It was a lot quieter than most places inside the building. Well, that and she didn't think that anyone would pass by to drag her to the host club from there. That was something she really didn't want to risk yet with so many suspicions still present.

"Chapter thirty-two... Why walking with straight posture is more important than breathing." Anita sighed to herself as she gingerly turned to the next page. This was sure to be an exciting chapter, but she continued to push through it. Though the exaggerations really were ridiculous. In fact, the only thing more ridiculous were the illustrations accompanying it that featured a tall man with a curly mustache and a monocle. All he really needed was a cane. "I really would think that standing straight wouldn't be important if you couldn't breathe... Maybe the next book is how to be a proper zombie."
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30 March 2008 @ 11:56 pm
WHO; Tamaki and Darya.
WHERE; The Music Room
WHEN; Day....something.
WHAT; Tea and gossip.

Darya had slipped into the third music room that afternoon just as it was opening; there weren't as many people milling about just yet, though she was sure in a few more minutes it would be pandemonium as usual around the Host Club. It was just one of those inevitable things, she decided, and she had to admit she had become fond of the bustle over the past few months.

Looking around for a free seat, she was surprised to see Tamaki off by himself for once; usually his clients were the first ones to show up and throng around him -- not that she could blame them. If she had learned one thing about the blond from doing the bake-off, it was that he really was that charming, not to mention good company. Well, there would be no harm in seeing if he had a moment; she hadn't talked to him in a while, and she found herself missing the time she had spent with her classmates during the bake-off.

"Tamaki," she said as she approached. A quick glance around assured her that there were still not other girls approaching, at least for the moment. "Are you free today?"
18 March 2008 @ 07:19 pm
WHO; The Twins, and whoever wants to entertain them
WHERE; The Music Room
WHEN; Day 31

The first of the girls were just starting to trickle in, and Hikaru was frowning. His cast had been removed earlier that week (finally, he was tired of being so unbalanced with his brother) but he was still babying the arm when he could. But, most certainly, the twin Hitachiin brothers were already back to their display of symmetrical brotherly love and teasing. It was already so much easier to function again, now that he didn't have the idea that people could tell him apart from Kaoru just because one had a cast.

At the moment, Hikaru was perched on the edge of one delicate chair, smiling absently as one of his customers related a story to those around her. It was just another typical day in the music room. No burning need to tease their toy or Tono (where was Haruhi? She was laaaaate!), and the moment didn't call for any overt displays of Hitachiin affection. He cast a quick glance at his brother, offering Kaoru a soft smile of slight boredom.
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19 February 2008 @ 03:35 am
WHO; Hani, Nekozawa, and Ellen ♫
WHERE; The halls
WHEN; Day 31
WHAT; Getting left behind in the halls by Rain and Anita after Hani offered to take them to the host club =TTWTT=

After a quick apology from the red-head, the two were gone in a matter of seconds down the hall and out of sight, leaving the two third years stranded in the hall. With Nezokawa still towering over his small figure, Hani simply tilted his head to the side in confusion. "Are(huh)~?"

Hadn't the two agreed to go to the host club? If not Rain, Anita seemed as though she was slightly interested. Besides that, he couldn't understand why they didn't finish their conversation where they were. Saddened by the fact that he was rejected nonetheless, the boy looked up above him, conveying his disappointment to his fellow classmate. "Neko-chan~ they left us~. I wonder if we scared them away~." Making sure he emphasized the 'we' in that sentence, the blond stared down the hall again. Seriously, who wouldn't be scared away if two seniors approached them so suddenly. Yet he still had confidence that his cuteness could win them over. He knew that Nekozawa wasn't a bad person by no means but his black appearance did give off another message, making people think otherwise.
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05 February 2008 @ 12:03 pm
WHO; Darya, whoever wants to jump in.
WHERE; The general vicinity of the the third music room.
WHEN; Day ???, after school.
WHAT; With this group, who knows?

Darya hesitated slightly as she peered around a corner at the third music room's door. She hadn't really been to see the Host Club since the bake-off, though she wasn't sure why. Sure, she was somewhat involved in the shenanigans that had turned into the ridiculous culmination of the event (and it had been hilarious, up to the point that she had had to help Tamaki drag Kyouya to the nurses' office), but she knew there were no hard feelings on anyone's part -- except maybe Kyouya's. Really, she should have insisted that he was not possessed, but Nekozawa had acted so swiftly that by the time she realized something was going on and that she should step in, she was too busy staring, wide-eyed and trying not to laugh at the sheer...absurdity of the entire situation, that it was too late.

It hit her that she was avoiding the club because of Kyouya and his possible wrath; not because she couldn't handle it, but because she had rather liked things being somewhat peaceful between them. She didn't want a fight, not right now, nor did she want any resentment aimed her way.

Crossing her hands over her stomach, Darya scowled at the door, as if it was the cause of everything wrong in her life. She was acting ridiculous and avoiding something she enjoyed -- visiting the hosts -- because of a boy, and that didn't sit well with her. Well, that was going to stop. She'd go in. Really. It was a few minutes before the club opened, anyway, and there were plenty of other girls already waiting around the door. It wouldn't be odd for her to be doing so as well.